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Refactoring C# Data Access Code

Don’t Repeat Yourself is a well-known Computer Science adage. Sometimes, however, it’s too convenient to just repeat some code now and deal with it later. But eventually that practice will cost you. Maintaining multiple copies of code becomes a nightmare when a bug needs to be fixed or new features need to be added. It’s especially bad when many people are working on the code and don’t realize other copies exist elsewhere. Ugh.
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Hacking Adobe Lightroom to Add Mouse Wheel Support

I fell in love with Photography a few years ago. Shortly after that I found that Canon’s suite of tools (primarily Digital Photo Professional) was absolutely terrible for editing and managing photos.

I briefly used (and loved) Picasa for it’s organization capabilities (geo-, keyword- and face-tagging en masse). But Picasa–at the time, anyways–was very weak on editing capabilities. A friend recommended Lightroom 3 and I haven’t looked back since (I’m now on v4.4).

Lightroom isn’t perfect, however. It has a few usability issues. One of my pet peeves is that Lightroom for Windows doesn’t support the mouse wheel. I’ll reflexively scroll down… but nothing happens. This drive me crazy.
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