Alter Table in Microsoft SQL Server Express

How to Alter a Table in Microsoft SQL Server Express

SQL Server Express is the free edition of Microsoft’s excellent database server. Understandably, Microsoft chose to cripple the free version to create some differentiation between product tiers.

There’s one cripple, however, that makes no sense to me. Microsoft chose to disallow the use of ALTER TABLE statements. But why block these statements when the workaround is so simple…
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Getty Free Images Attribution Still Susceptible to Circumvention

PetaPixel recently posted an article about a flaw in Getty’s new free image embed control.

The presented method was based on resizing the frame height so that the attribution would fall outside the client area of the iframe. Getty quickly addressed the issue by scaling the image width relative to the height.

However, there is a more effective way to circumvent attribution; a way that Getty has no control over — short of revoking your access to the image or sending a C&D letter.

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