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Visual Studio Javascript AMD Unit Testing

Unit Testing AMD-Style Javascript In Visual Studio

I’m currently working on a new MVC 5 client/server project. This project is an SPA (single-page application), which means the amount of Javascript client code easily dominates the amount of C# server code. In order to keep all that Javascript manageable, I’ve been writing AMD-style (asynchronous module definition) Javascript for use with Require.js. Unfortunately, unit testing AMD-style Javascript in Visual Studio doesn’t get nearly as much attention as does unit testing C# code. But the growing body of javascript code with absolutely zero test coverage was beginning to concern me. I decided it was time to address the situation.
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Hacking Adobe Lightroom to Add Mouse Wheel Support

I fell in love with Photography a few years ago. Shortly after that I found that Canon’s suite of tools (primarily Digital Photo Professional) was absolutely terrible for editing and managing photos.

I briefly used (and loved) Picasa for it’s organization capabilities (geo-, keyword- and face-tagging en masse). But Picasa–at the time, anyways–was very weak on editing capabilities. A friend recommended Lightroom 3 and I haven’t looked back since (I’m now on v4.4).

Lightroom isn’t perfect, however. It has a few usability issues. One of my pet peeves is that Lightroom for Windows doesn’t support the mouse wheel. I’ll reflexively scroll down… but nothing happens. This drive me crazy.
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